Product - VR Egg Cinema

Product Name:
VR Egg Cinema
Product code

  • Power: 220V 
  • Seats: 2seats 
  • Dimension(CM): 200(Length)*270(Width)*220(Height) 
  • Gross Weight(KG): 250KG 
  • Market Recommended: The cinema, shopping mall, plaza, scenic spots, commercial entertainment area. 


No. Item Dis. Qty
1 Platform 3 Dof of electronics
motion platform
2 Seat High quality leather
seats with led light
3 Computer CPU: I5
Graphic Card: 1050
Mermory: 1TB
4 VR glass 4K Pimax VR glasses
HDMI 1.4B USB 2.0/3.0
Resolutioin: 3840x2160
5 Touch Panel 13”
wireless connection
with platform
Playing software
6 Effects Face wind, ear wind,
back vibration, butt
vibration, leg sweep