Service - Adventure zone

Adventure zone ?? We have all you need!

Our services start from inception to installation. Whether your desire is for a small indoor soft play area or an outdoor adventure site, we can build up and make available a facility that will really stimulate, yet be entirely safe.

We apply our years of experience and expertise in providing you with a personal service that will guide you through the entire procedure from selecting the venue through to manufacture and installation of the equipment, plus inclusive after sales, preservation and servicing support.

We also offer you with preliminary consultancy, which may include site visitation if needed; this would be free of charge. We will certainly be pleased to offer constant counsel and support throughout the duration of the project till official opening.

In House Manufacturing and Installation

Having our own manufacturing amenities ensures that we can fabricate products and systems that are consistent and of same high quality. We also integrate all our experience and expertise into the manufacture of the various mechanism and construction.

Every client’s installation is personally managed on site by our professional technicians and trained engineers.

We can also use your own in house installation team making sure products are finished to the highest quality and meets world standard and class.


Cable Car Services

Our years of experience in the cable car industry have tremendous impact on our idea development to installation and maintenance.


Cable cars are specialized machines that function in an open environment and therefore should only be serviced by properly trained technicians. 

For domestic installations we suggest 6 monthly maintenance visits. We have qualified technicians with years of experience need. We also equip our technicians with every equipment necessary to keep your cable car working in a safe and consistent approach.


Modernization/ Upgrades

We offer a full modernization service to bring old cable cars up to the existing Cable Car standard. Whether you have need of just an upgraded protection brake, a modern custom car, latest control system - we would be pleased to offer you with an estimate. Call us today.



Custom Design Services

We offer a team of experienced engineers who will make available a wide range of expert design and engineering services. Core skills and capabilities include; Confirmed track record in highly ground-breaking access systems. Latest 3D computer aided design (CAD) systems to optimize mechanical designs and help demonstrate to customers what the final project will end up looking like. Project management available to clients wanting a full installation Design of all control systems. Experienced in the design of custom cars to clients taste and desire. Experienced with cable car safety standards and compliance procedure We are ready to provide you with product samples to display this ground-breaking technique. If you are considering establishing an adventure arena, or need to renovate or reinstate existing equipment, please contact us for a quote. Take the next step to a booming adventure play centre or facility by contacting us today.

Burma Bridge

Our services also consist of the Burma Bridge, our construction and installation items can be arranged in any size or configuration. Cheering individuals to challenge themselves, in order to develop stretching, climbing, balancing and traversing improve their co-ordination, improve upper and lower body strength, and also strengthen their center steadiness. All components which are not ropes are pressure treated with the leading wood preservative - this gives advanced defense against the hazard

Zip lines

Let us build you standalone departure and arrival towers. We can construct two or more parallel zip lines at your site, this allows side by side racing. We can position your zip line between towers, or stretch them across water or canyons. Mix and match “Superman” or “seated” harness methods to give your riders their preferred method of trip. No matter what you envision, we would make your zip line dreams come true! every of our zip line uses braking solutions that stop all riders effortlessly at the end platform while ensuring a fun, fast and safe ride! We offer self-regulating magnetic braking systems to brake zip line riders safely and comfortably. We also offer more cost effective, semi-automatic, guide-operated systems that use braking blocks and weights to slow down riders as they approach the platform. Both systems gets brake activated automatically, and both also get reset automatically to diminish any possibilities of an operator’s error. We know that our zip lines are built for maximum safety, but we want them to look and feel safe, too. That’s why we design all of our zip lines with a thick steel cable. Unlike thinner, less costly cables, our zip lines offer the maximum level of comfort for riders, while giving supreme safety for riders and staff. We make all our connections from galvanized structural steel, which will put off rust and corrosion. Our zip line systems join amazing pleasure with strong visual appeal and beyond compared safety. We treat every of our project with same level of care and safety, no matter the size, location or investment. Our products are outstandingly safe, visually satisfying, and extremely long lasting.

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