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Planning for Amusement park ??

We are professional manufacturers of amusement park rides as well as providers of extensive packages of amusement project plans.

For decades we have been devoting ourselves to the creation and designing of amusement park entertainment.

We help clients make plans on best budget and on setting up amusement parks using cutting edge technology and tools. We offer proposal on the whole amusement park consultations and layout to investors and clients, these include: investment analysis report of amusement park project, park layouts and designs, procurement of amusement rides, park management system, after-sales supply and mentainance etc.

We offer everything from landscaping, sculptures kids play area, water rides, Artwork, 3D painting and every product installation in an amusement park. Our own in house manufacturing unit caters for multidimensional theaters, Scary house and many more; we also provide custom/ specialized products depending on requirement and desire.

We are always willing to serve clients to the fullest. We sincerely and warmly welcome your visiting us today let’s kick start the process of giving you your desired amusement park design and implementation!

These are some of the stages we follow through to a successful amusement park development

Viability study

Stage 1 in the development process we carry out comprehensive Feasibility study and analyses. The outcome of this study dictates the financial and design planning parameters for a project. This is the first and most important step to ensure the success of any amusement park development. We have performed lots of feasibility studies in time past.

Stage 2, which is based on the results of the Feasibility Analysis, allows our design team to advance with the preparation of a complete Land Use and Master plan, as well as theoretical Layout, Schematic Design, and Design Development. In this segment, we tender all finished programs to include support services for visitors and employees, as well as rides and attractions selections.

Pre-Opening Operations preparation

Stage 3 proceeds with Pre-Opening Operational preparation. In this stage, and based on the line up size, we build up requirements for a comprehensive systems to make certain the project operates successfully. We provide Training Manuals, Merchandise and Games Programs, Information Systems, Food Service Programs as well as Operations, Maintenance and Safety measures.

On-Site Management

Stage 4, we well known for On-Site Management Services. Combining on-site industry veterans with the support and resources of our company staff, we guide all aspects of day-to-day operations, ensuring efficient, safe and lucrative operation of the facility.