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Edutainment is simply just children's play but spiced up with educational fun things. As we all know that children's play is fun, relaxing and recreational and educating. A lot of individuals see children's play as nothing more than mechanical play with little or no value. For children, that is not far from the truth.

For us, edutainment falls somewhere in the center of the education-entertainment range, with a blend of both.

Kids are naturally wired to play. It is nature's way of programming them with an enjoyable activity that teaches them about the world around them and how to blend into the society. Kids derive pleasure from play as it is work to them. Play in general to kids is unlike play to a grown adult.

We have invested a lot in research in child development and most recent research in brain development. We have substantiated the critical function that edutainment has in children's optimal cognitive, emotional, physical and social development. It is their basic and most effective way of learning.

Our events and edutainment programs empower kids so they will be in charge. Without edutainment, quality play will not be attained. To make edutainment more fun, we designed equipment that is intriguing, open-ended, easy and void of literal themes. We have designed our gears to actually inhibit children's ability to imagine substitute meanings to objects and features.

Our equipment are designed to actually work for kids, while at the same point in time our facility also has to appeal to adults or parents. Kids idea of beauty is relaxed and wild. Kids need a sense of inclusion. Our creative design solutions meet various preferences of kids.

We have a passion for creating successful kids edutainment. Kids edutainment differs from other kinds of entertainment in that they are more or less custom-designed. You cannot just go to a shop or a trade show or even look through a catalog and order equipment. It’s also not like equipment you add to space for children play, we design space that are critical to the complete success of edutainment in schools.

We have designed our facilities with an understanding of child development process and approached design through thorough study of children with understanding to a child's scale and how they see, interpret and use object and space.

A larger part of kids play takes place in their minds through thoughts process, we are professionals at creating the right space and we deliver the right objects to support their edutainment needs. Children's physical size, skills, and play desires change as they develop, our edutainment solutions offers the best to meet up with this steady changes.

We supply all form of entertainment play equipment meant for schools, we are currently the largest supplier of educational entertainment gears in India. We are also well known to be the oldest and largest company with so many years of experience in creating custom educational equipment that also entertains children all over India!

We bring to every school environment educational play tools that are safe, and fun and at the same time educate kids. Some of our play equipment includes:

We’re truely dedicated to make your travel experience as much simple and fun as possible!


Trampoline and bouncing castle: Kids derive lots of fun, pleasure, and enjoyment from our modern trampoline and bouncing castle. Kids generally love bouncing and jumping which in turn serves as physical exercise to kids. Kids get the opportunity to jump, slide, run, and generally have a fun time with other kids.

• We are number one when it comes to edutainment on wheels for schools, we provide large trucks that are well equipped with edutainment gears. Fly with the mystery of the universe is one of our science packages; it dives deep into the wonders of the world where the possibilities of science are explored in all forms and type. Kids get to touch, feel and interact with subjects they have learned and also introduce them to most recent discoveries and modern day technology. Kids get a better understanding of what they have learned after an encounter with our edutainment facilities.

Virtual reality: kids get to explore the fun in education in a very passionate way using our edutainment facilities. It is a thing of the past when teachers use text books as a tool that aid student imaginative idea about the solar system and foreign land. Our virtual reality helps students experience virtual reality like going underwater, seeing different planets and visiting historical places they have never been to.

Planetarium: These are doomed theater that project images of the story sky and countless spectacular objects we find in our universe creating educational experiences that teach astronomy and related sciences.

12D multidimensional theater: It involves not only hearing and visual senses of the kid but also allows the kid to feel, smell, get involved and fantasizes with the movie as if it is real. Our 12D comes with the most advanced 6 degrees of seat movements and unique special effects like rain, fog, bubbles, smell, snow, ticklers, fire lightning, pokers etc which are synchronized with the movements in the movie itself.

Educational 3D work shop: we are introducing the new level of the educational method through 3D theater involving more than 20 educational topics. 
We have spent lots of years developing kids edutainment business in India, clients have absolutely trusted and relied on us to supply quality, reliable and the most entertaining educational gears for kids. 

We will offer your school a professional, reliable and entertaining educational service that would be memorable to kid and also expand their thought process. You can actually RELAX while we keep the kids entertained, delighted and educated.

 Check out our website to get details covering every package we have to offer. We have everything in stock that will suite every kid in your school. You can also contact and reach us with any requests or questions that bother you. We have the most comprehensive list of an entertaining educational facility that offers the best value and variety to kids.