Service - Multi-Dimenisonal Theatres

Multi-Dimenisonal Theatres

Multi-dimensional theatres transform users into a reality creating an unforgettable experience for everyone. With exciting special effects mixed with footage we can create remarkable experience for each user rather than just view. With years of experience in the field our in-house technical team can manufacture and install high technology equipment. We take pride in providing the best in line technology of theatres with 14+ special effects.

 Virtual reality based motion simulators provide remarkable experience by tricking user into a reality.Virtual reality gaming system consists of a dynamic platform on which you stand with the virtual reality headset. Our R& D team have already created motion simulations which will create wow fun experience for your customer.

  We provide

  • Hyrdralic theatres
  • Pneumatic theatres 
  • Electrical theatres 
  • Virtual reality based motion simulators 
  • Multidimesional Theatres on wheels
  • Interactive Theatres